About Us

Creativity And Top-Notch Solution Designs.

We create the most engaging and flexible business solutions available. We concentrate on your product and brand, providing high-quality service with the best user experience to fulfill demand and functionality. In Nigeria, we design, develop, and deploy the best Web applications that fit the needs of our customers.

Web development has become a vital asset for both small and large sized enterprises as the use of Web applications among smart phone users grows. It is therefore critical to develop a website for your company and brand in order to increase user and client interaction.

We have produced some of the greatest quality and user-centric Web applications in Nigeria as a top and leading Web developer, keeping our customers at the forefront of their enterprises. We’ve created websites for a wide range of industries. Fintech, transportation, finance, e-commerce, education, and other industries are all served by our products.

  • We Create

    At X3L, we design and create the most intuitive apps in Nigeria with the best quality and user experience. Our mobile apps are designed to meet demands and functionalities.


    We develop mobile apps that best fit your business and brand. We also give you the support you need to build a stronger online presence by leveraging the Internet and digital space to boost productivity.

  • We Deploy

    We deploy your Android and IOS apps on Google Play and Apple stores. Your apps are hosted on the most reliable servers. Our security protocols ensure your apps are well secure on the cloud.