It’s critical to set yourself up for success in the mornings since they may make or break your productivity for the day. A terrible morning routine, in general, can lead to lengthy work hours and an increased risk of depression or anxiety-related symptoms.

To avoid burnout, stress, and other associated difficulties, follow these four tips.

1. Deep sleep for eight quality hours
Lack of deep sleep severely impacts your health, mental wellbeing and professional performance. Turn off your cell phone one hour before bedtime so that you don’t disrupt good circadian rhythms with artificial light exposure from a lit screen. No caffeine within six hours of going to sleep.

2. Drink 12-16 ounces of water
After an eight-hour sleep, you probably feel sluggish and dehydrated. The best time to hydrate is when you have awakened from your deep sleep. Drinking water within 30 minutes maximizes benefits like increased blood flow and alertness. It also increases overall wellbeing and mental clarity.

3. Workout in the morning
Get up and get moving in the morning to avoid sitting all day. If you’re feeling tired or fatigued, do some weight lifting at the gym, yoga or even group fitness classes for a good start to the day. Get out into nature every day.

4. Clear your mind by journaling
A good eight hours of deep quality sleep is your golden ticket to jumping your morning routine. Journaling is a time-tested way to clear your mind and prioritize what’s most important at the moment. Create a daily routine that will flow positively into your business and life.