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Who We Are

We are a team of professional IT geniuses with profound ability to transform businesses. Using necessary info, data, and organisational strategy required for operational excellence.


Our Mission

We proffer and deploy effective and fit-for-purpose solutions at cost effective, while achieving an optimal result that gives our clients the competitive advantage in a competitive market.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Borne of the urgent need to help facilitate the steady and wholesome growth of businesses verve in the delivery of bespoke solutions to our teeming clients.

We Have More Than 10+ Years Practical Experience

At X3L Solutions Plus we understand the languages as well as the needs of our growing clientele; we are irrevocably passionate about communications; with an in-depth understanding of marketing communications, the importance of Information technology
(birthing our e-business solutions arm) and their untapped potentials, we are strategized to be at the fore front of the industry in which we operate.


We create, proffer and implement creative, innoventive, imaginative and hit-the-bull’s eye customer-centric and media neutral solutions that bridges the gap between our clients’ brand and its target audience. We are a team of professional marketing and IT geniuses with profound ability to transform our clients’ businesses.


Structured to provide effective and result-oriented marketing communications and business solutions to our clients, we pride ourselves in our unrivalled ability to enhance businesses, creating a market share as well as mindshare for products and services.


We at X3L Solutions Plus have come to grasp the untapped potentials of passionate entrepreneurs and creative ideas in the Nigerian market. We believe Nigeria is fast becoming the next Silicon Valley; hence, we align ourselves, partner and grow with start- ups, helping them move from seed stage to established businesses.


We passionately work with our fast growing clients to achieve optimal exposure for their company, brand and services; carrying them under our wings and growing with them. X3L Solutions Plus works with the best of ideas with a careful selection of such from the myriads of such ideas from young Nigerian entrepreneurs.

Practical Experience