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At X3L Solutions Plus, we are client-centric, result oriented and focused; we take conscious effort to jump-start businesses and ideas, ensuring the growth of these businesses and ideas. We offer custom-made services that positions our clients in the focal of their target market, some of these services include:

MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS: We understand the language of the Nigerian market as well as the distinctive proposition of every business and products, hence, we are able to help our fast growing clients create or fine-tune their products/idea Unique Selling Points (USP).


Our understanding of the dynamism of our clients’ needs propels our team of professional marketing communications experts, to create and deploy effective bespoke marketing strategies that effectively sells our clients’ product/business to its target market/audience. We constantly conceptualize and deploy out-of-the-box marketing strategies and campaigns that are at par with international standard, yet perfectly suitable for the Nigerian market.


Our solutions are designed to be scalable, with the innate potential to grow with our clients’ businesses; we employ the use of effective
public relations as a marketing tool to ensure the satisfaction of our clients’ customers.

  • E-BUSINESS SOLUTIONS: There are untapped potentials in synergizing Information Technology (IT) with marketing communications services. Therefore, to leverage on this, our team of proficient IT gurus are trained and retrained to seamlessly merge the power of Information Technology with the uniqueness of marketing communications.We believe in the power of technology and the effectiveness of synchronizing marketing activities with IT services, this epochal discovery has earned us our clients’ trust. We proffer and deploy scalable, durable, savvy and efficient e-business systems that are pivotal to the growth of the organizations, making them a trusted market leader in their various industries.Our E-business solutions are designed to build our clients’ businesses, helping to improve their operational system whilst improving their businesses.


  • BUSINESS GROOMING: At X3L Solutions Plus, we have come to the amazing realization that Nigeria is on its way to becoming the next Silicon Valley; considering its colossal untapped and untended potentials and ideas from young entrepreneurs.In aligning ourselves to these young and vibrant ideas and entrepreneurs, we meticulously and painstakingly filter through myriads of ideas, selecting those with viability and high potential to yield dividends and high return on investments, while meeting needs and enhancing the society.We effectively integrate our marketing, e-business solutions and sound business principles in grooming and building these budding businesses and ideas.