Your sellers must truly understand the value of sales enablement and how it can help them quicken the sales process.

Not only is content for selling important for your team, sales enablement offersso much more to the sales team, including onboarding materials, trainingvideos, and ongoing coaching to help them improve in specific areas.

Document your plan A sales enablement standard operating proceduredocument is going to be the foundation of your plan and is needed to have asuccessful outcome and will help you close the gaps between the sales teamand their selling efforts.

Cross-functional approach Sales enablement streamlines different functions of acompany’s divisions that help the sales team become more effective.

A sales enablement platform can simplify the activities of your sales team bymaking it easier to find content, training materials, and even gamificationleaderboards if they are a part of your strategy.

While sales training is key to a successful team, you will need to incorporate allthe other aspects discussed above to truly have an effective sales enablementprogram.

Once you get started setting up a sales enablement plan, you will truly see thebenefits and how it adds even more value to your lead generation when settingup a sales enablement plan.